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It is general consensus that interior home design trends come and go with the seasons. Designers can offer some of the best advice on how to style your home, but sometimes they are quick to switch perspectives. The best way to design your home is to make sure that your preferences and passions are always part of the plan! 2019 is all about making your living room about you and displaying your style. Here are some ideas on how to have a nontraditional living space.

  1. TV’s disguised as artwork
    1. For a cozy night in or to watch the big game, having a big-screen TV is great. When the television is not in use, it is not the best decor piece. There have been many attempts to find a good solution for hiding your TV in its downtime. The newest idea to the market is having the TV screen turn into artwork when it is switched off. Samsung’s Frame Television displays any artwork of your choice at the click of a remote. Next time you have a gathering your guests will ask where you got your new art, but in reality, it is just a TV!
  2. Pedestal Displays
    1. A hothouse trend this year is using pedestal displays. Homeowners are becoming more interested in having a space that is one of a kind and their own. Placing vintage pieces, plants, or unique artwork on pedestal structures will add an interesting element. Place anything you like in groups of three to get a cool effect.
  3. Don’t Hold Back On Patterns
    1. Patterns are becoming more and more prominent over basic solid color walls. It used to be the norm to choose one focal pattern, but we are taking things one step further. Choose multiple patterns. It can be intimidating to think about mixing florals with animal prints and stripes with geometric blocks, but just stay within the same color scheme and you will be good.
  4. Be a Maximalist
    1. Flashy fabrics like velvet and mohair are taking living rooms by storm. Maximalism is everywhere this year in the home decor sector. These types of materials create a warm and inviting living space. Typically when you think velvet furniture, you think expensive. Luckily there are now many options that are cheaper and even easy to clean. The best items to add side chairs, benches, and throw pillows.