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As the weather starts to get warmer, most of us are trying to find ways to spend more time outside. If you are looking to get more use out of outdoor space at your home, these tips are for you! Stephen Schroeter, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Napoleon Products, says, “research shows the most loved areas of the home combine relaxation, socialization, and functionality. Outdoor spaces provide a great opportunity to accommodate all three, yet they are still vastly underutilized by most homeowners.” Here are his best tips for doing this:


  • Outdoor Kitchens –  Outdoor kitchens meet basic needs and create a fun atmosphere. They are starting to grow in popularity. No one wants to be inside cooking for those weekend cookouts or warm evenings. Items to consider adding include a professional grill, refrigerators or coolers, pizza ovens, and sinks for a simple clean-up.
  • Establish a Gathering Place – Socialization is key for outdoor spaces. A centralized location with many seating options creates a welcoming atmosphere. A built-in fireplace or a nice fire pit could be your focal point and be used throughout the seasons.
  • Divide Up The Zones –  To make an outdoor space feel more intimate, use barriers like large plants, privacy panels, or pergolas. Divided spaces will give a large area its own purpose.
  • Design for All the Senses – Don’t just focus on the aesthetic appeal to the eyes in your outdoor space. The best spaces are those that hit all the senses. You want a comfortable, appealing space but also want to consider adding speakers for music, a water fountain to mask street noise, or fragrant plants.
  • Add Accents – Small details can make all the difference. Add bold color to your outdoor space – it is the perfect location to mess around with prints a little out of your comfort zone! You can define your style and personality through fun themes in your outdoor space.