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More pleasant weather and longer days mean that summer is a great time to make some of those home improvements. They can be fun, but they are also some good first-aid for the home.

Here are five home improvement projects you must do these summers:

1. Painting House
Painting a house gives it a new look. It makes the house strong by filling the small and large cracks. You can hire a contractor if the walls of your entire home look discolored. You can also make it a do-it-yourself activity and enjoy painting the house with your kids. It is fun and saves a lot of money. The hard work is worth it in the end.
New painting provides waterproofing and protection from UV rays—contact garage sales for cheap paints and other pieces of equipment like brushes and rollers. Refer to YouTube for tutorials on painting.

2. Cleansing of gutters
Cleaning gutters is a necessary task that should be done regularly and periodically. It does not require any money. It would be best if you had a solid and long ladder and some essential tools like brushes, some cleansing fluids, and a friend to give support from the below.
The requirement of gutter cleaning depends upon the area and how fast debris collects in them. Cleaning of gutters also allows a quick check for any leakage or breakage. Small or big repairs can be done simultaneously. If ignored, these small leakages can cost a lot of money.

3. Let the windows shine
Cleaning the windows is the best and easiest way to give your house a new look. One of the free methods is:
• Mix vinegar and water in equal proportions. Sprinkle the mixture on the windows, then wipe them with old newspapers or paper towels. Newspapers seem more convenient and cheap.
• Many people believe in mixing detergent with water to clean their windows. It can sometimes leave scratches, so review the warnings and instructions before any use.
• Some people use dish wash liquid to wash glass utensils.

4. Termite check
A termite check may cost you some dollars, but it can help avoid more significant expenses in the future. The concerned experts will search for any damaged wood or signs of termite. If the levels of the termites are low, you might be able to replace the rotten wood. But if the levels of the termites are high, you would have to get termite removal in the whole house. It would kill all the present termites and ensure, with regular treatment, that they never come back. A termite inspection shouldn’t be ignored this summer.

5. Check and insulate pipes
There have been cases where houses have collapsed due to prolonged leakage of water inside the house’s walls. Therefore, this is a must-do. Inspection of water lines, meters, valves, and motors is essential so that they can be repaired and replaced if there is water leakage and waste.

Pipes that are not insulated carry warm and cold water through chilly basements and hot terraces, thus wasting your money on heating and cooling. It’s pretty easy to protect them with the help of insulating sleeves, which are readily available at nearby hardware stores. Remember to buy the correct size.

Overall maintenance of the house is a good idea. Regular maintenance will make you aware of the overall condition of your home and prepare you for future repairs.

These five improvements will change the house’s look and increase its market value if you are planning to sell it!

Photo by CDC on Unsplash