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Let’s dive into the world of buying and selling homes—a juggling act that can feel like spinning plates at a circus.

  1. Last-Minute Home Prep? Not Ideal!
    • Picture this: You’re selling your home, and suddenly, you realize the walls need a fresh coat of paint or that broken light fixture needs fixing. Waiting until the eleventh hour won’t cut it. Start early! Tackle those minor repairs and spruce up your space. Your future self will thank you.
  2. Backup Plans Are Like Safety Nets
    • Selling and buying simultaneously is like tightrope walking without a net. What if your home sale hits a snag, and you’re left hanging? That’s where a backup plan comes in. Beef up that emergency fund—just in case you need to crash at a hotel or stash your stuff in storage while waiting for the new keys.
  3. Size Matters (When It Comes to Houses)
    • Realtor Jessica Althoff spills the beans: Many folks skip the pre-approval step for their new loan. Big mistake! Pre-approval isn’t just paperwork; it’s your reality check. It tells you the ballpark figure you can swing. Dream big, but dream realistically. No castles in the sky, my friend!
  4. Cushion Your Expectations
    • Imagine this: You sell your house, expecting to use the entire sales price as a down payment on your new digs. But life throws a curveball—a lower offer. Ouch! To avoid this pickle, plan for your house to sell below your asking price. That way, you won’t be caught off guard.
  5. Compromise, My Friend
    • Moving is like a rollercoaster ride—thrilling but also nerve-wracking. As you bid farewell to your old home, remember that everyone else has their own emotional rollercoaster. Be kind, negotiate with grace, and find common ground. After all, it’s not just about houses; it’s about people and memories.

So, whether you’re balancing plates or real estate deals, a little foresight and a great agent can make all the difference. Happy house hunting!